Hard Binding

We guarantee our 5 hour service at all times but the majority of books are printed and bound even faster, most in as little as 2 hours, at no extra cost to you. If you’re worried about an urgent submission, just contact us.

There's no appointment needed; just come in to our Camden Street store or email over your PDF when you're ready to go.

1 book 2 books 3+ books
48 hours €48.00 each €43.00 each €40.00 each
24 hours €53.00 each €48.00 each €45.00 each
5 hours €55.00 each €50.00 each €47.00 each

These prices are for binding only in our standard leatherette covers. If required by your college, we can also bind with a buckram material for 10% extra. Please see below for our printing prices and our FAQ section for more information.

Soft Binding

We offer a wide range of soft binds with gold embossed covers. These can be done on their own in about 2 hours (€18.00 each) or with a discount if you're also getting hard bound copies (€14.00 each). You can see samples of our soft binds here.

Alone With a Hard Bind
Soft Bind €20.00 each €16.00 each

We also do soft binding with clear covers, starting at €4.00. These can be done while you wait.

Soft binding is available on books of up to about 500 pages. If you’re concerned about the size of your book, feel free to contact us about it.

These prices are for binding only. Please see below for our printing prices and our Q&A section for more information.


We can also provide the printing of your thesis. We always print on high quality 100gsm white paper. You will need to have your file in PDF format. For assistance with converting your file, please see our Help section. You can give your PDF to us on a USB key, CD, by using our Order Form or through email.

Black & White Colour
€0.07 pp €0.30 pp

Please note that any page with colour will be considered a colour print as standard. This includes pages with coloured text, such as headings or URLs. You can reduce your printing price by making sure that all of your text is black before saving your final PDF.


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Colour pages in each book.

Black & White pages in each book.

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